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A Bridge Between Home and Work
The Consortium EAP provides a bridge between home and work for employers and employees.  When an employee encounters personal difficulties, their job performance is often impacted.  At these times, assistance may be needed.  Consortium EAP is a tool that provides support, when needed, to help maintain a healthy and productive workforce. 

Employee Assistance

The demands of daily living can be challenging.  Personal or work-related problems affect employees in differing ways.  That’s why Consortium EAP offers a range of services, including short-term counseling and referral for both job-related and personal issues, for employees at every level in an organization.  The Consortium EAP provides professional counselors who provide confidential support to employees and their family members. We also offer training programs such as sexual harassment prevention seminars, diversity training, and Drug Free Workplace policy instruction.

A Proven Approach
Published studies have shown EAPs to be consistently cost-effective, not only by increasing productivity but also by eliminating over-use of health care.  According to an article in the June 1998 issue of Nation’s Business, “A US Department of Labor Study found that for every dollar an employer invests in an EAP, it saves $5 to $16.”

The Consortium EAP provides a variety of workplace services:

  • Problem Identification, Assessment, and Referral
    • The EAP identifies and assesses problems of the client, develops a plan of action, and when necessary, recommends or refers the client to an appropriate resource for problem resolution.
  • Short-term Counseling
    • Short-term problem resolution is available for employees and their families through confidential counseling services.
  • Supervisor Consultations
    • Individual consultation is available for managers and supervisors regarding management issues and the referral of employees to the EAP.
  • Management & Employee Orientation
    • Training is provided for the organization’s leadership to explain their role in the program as managers and supervisors.  They are instructed on how the EAP can assist them in managing employees.  Seminars are also available on work/life issues, stress, parenting, and other topics to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Wellness Seminars      
    • Wellness seminars are available to help keep your workforce informed on important health-related subjects.  These seminars serve two purposes; to educate and to prevent.  Topics include work/life issues, stress, parenting, and other topics to promote healthy lifestyle. 
  • Drug-Free Workplace Services
    • Companies receive consultation on program design and implementation.  An effective program assists in meeting federal requirements and impacting any existing alcohol and other drug problems.  Training is targeted to all levels of the company. Companies may be eligible to save up to 7.5% on their annual Workers Compensation Premiums by participating in a Drug Free Workplace Program.

What will all this cost?

The Consortium EAP rate is $20 per employee annually. For instance, a company with 25
employees would pay an annual rate of $500. As a Chamber Member you are receiving a discounted rate. Additional options, including drug free workplace, require minimal additional fees to cover basic costs. This discounted rate is offered to Chamber members who elect to participate in the Consortium EAP. Remember, companies may be eligible to save up to 7.5% on their annual Workers Compensation Premiums by participating in a Drug Free Workplace Program.

How BIG does my small business or company need to be?

We are looking for any size business. Even if you just have a few employees you can join the Consortium. The purpose is to be able to offer every member business a chance to provide an EAP.

What is a Consortium EAP?

The Consortium Employee Assistance Program provides small business access to an employee benefit and risk management tool that would otherwise be costly for a small business to afford. By joining the Consortium EAP, small businesses's are pooling together to increase purchasing power and reduce cost.

Can an EAP meet the needs of Small Business?

Yes. In the whirlwind of growing business, it's easy to get blown away. The groundwork for
success is often rooted in employees who are vital to organizational growth. Nothing impacts an
individual's on-the-job performance more than personal problems. Particularly for small business, these issues quickly translate into lost days, declining performance, missed deadlines, and inevitably, higher costs. In a small group environment, one person's personal problems can
rapidly spread and negatively impact others. Providing a resource for employees to address
"problems of daily" living can pay for itself.

Drug Free Workplace Savings Calculator

Northeast Georgia EAP is a program of Family Counseling Service of Athens, Inc. (www.fcsathens.com). Family Counseling Service of Athens, Inc. is a United Way supported non-profit agency that has been providing services for over thirty years.