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Our EAP is designed to help identify and facilitate the resolution of behavioral, health, and productivity problems that may adversely affect employees’ well-being or job performance


"Employees welcome this benefit, they use it, and they report consistantly in impact surveys that the EAP made a differecne in their lives, and the quality of their work"

___We Provide___________________________________________

· Assessment, counseling and referrals
· Training for appropriate persons in identifying and helping to resolve behavioral, health, or job performance problems
· Consultation for employees and managers
· Other services including: education, consultation, policy review and follow-up services

There are numerous benefits to having an EAP as a part of your company.  An EAP is a resource and benefit to all employees.  Research has shown that implementing an EAP benefits companies financially, in part, due to fewer days missed form work, lower turnover, and lower medical claims of employees, spouses, and dependents, lower recruitment and training costs, lower workers' compensation costs, and fewer on the job accidents.

A customized, quality EAP will help your organization to educate supervisors, managers, and employees about the potential for human problems to disrupt productivity and the importance of seeking help early.

Administrator/Supervisor Training Seminars. All of your supervisory staff will be trained as needed in the appropriate ways of dealing with and referring troubled employees to your Employee Assistance Program.

On-Site Orientation Seminars. All of your employees will be invited to an Employee Assistance Awareness presentation to familiarize them with this benefit.

EAP Poster

Promotional Materials and Service. To keep your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) visible to employees and their families, we offer a variety of promotional materials. In addition, we are more than happy to work with your organization to create promotional material that will support and enhance your image to your employees.

Consultation. Ongoing, we provide coaching by phone or in person to administrators and supervisors to assist them in working with a troubled employee and utilizing the EAP within your organization.

Confidential Assessment, Referral and Brief Counseling. When problems arise, all covered employees and their family members may contact Northeast Georgia EAP  for assessment, brief counseling and, when necessary, referral free-of-charge to them. All contact is strictly confidential.

On-Site Visits. Periodically throughout the year, an EAP representative will meet with you to evaluate the status of the program.


Reports. You will receive annual  reports on program utilization by employees and their families.  Quarterly reporting also available.

___Solutions _____________________________________________

· The ability to provide a confidential company-wide program that quickly and professionally addresses all aspects of employee productivity, personal and family problems.

· Providing EAP services is an investment in your workforce that pays by helping to keep your employees happy, healthy and productive.

· Every worksite has its own special needs, so we will customize our services to meet your particular needs.

___How Much Does an EAP cost?__________________________

The cost of the EAP will depend upon the size of your employee population and the specific services that you choose to include in your program.  Our base price is established per employee on an annual basis.  If you are investigating the cost of establishing or changing EAP services, a simple phone call or email request can give you a ballpark estimate of your investment cost in the EAP.

The base EAP model includes policy consultation, employee and supervisor orientation, promotional assistance in rolling out the EAP, supervisor consultation, and up to 6 visits of counseling per employee and immediate family members.  If you are interested in modifying the base model, i.e. changing the number of allowable sessions or adding monthly wellness training sessions, contact us and we can provide you with an adjusted rate.


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